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My name is Erin Perez. “Home” for me is south Texas, where I was born and raised. In elementary school, my two prized possessions were a pink 110 Vivitar camera and a sketchbook with charcoal pencils. When I didn’t have my nose stuck in a sketchbook I was running around taking pictures of everything imaginable. The fact that the camera was often filmless didn’t stop me! Even when I did have the luxury of a shiny new roll of film, the images I captured usually featured headless family members or off-center subjects.

Years of practice and play inspired me to work toward a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography and drawing. At the University of Texas at San Antonio my photography skills grew in leaps and bounds. I learned the art of photographing what is around me – finding interesting subjects rather than trying to create them. I learned to look at the world from a different perspective – through the lens of a camera.  I learned the theory and technical aspects of what I loved. Much of my free time, if it wasn’t spent out and about capturing photos, was spent in the darkroom, learning the nuances of film development and darkroom processing. Formal education opened up a whole world for me, one that allowed me to truly understand, appreciate, and expand the skills I had established from so many years of taking pictures with that Minolta. My experiences at UTSA were so important that I still participate in trainings and workshops to continue to develop my craft. Learning takes a lifetime!

After school, my husband and I ended up on the US/Mexico border where I became an art teacher and shared my love of art for 7 years.  I then quit teaching to photograph full time.  Seniors and families are my favorite.  There is something new and beautiful to see with every session.  I love the challenge of finding a new and creative way to create unique images with the locations we have available.  I have fallen in love with portraiture more so than I could have ever imagined.

My portraits set me apart.  I love working to get that stand-out image, the one that is a beautiful blend of “found” and “created.”  What I offer is a  well-tuned eye that has been trained to see beauty in any pose, with any prop, or without any of it. When we work together, we will create portraits that capture your natural presence. When I see you I see elegance, I find striking features, and I understand how your image will render in a darkroom.

With me, you are fine art.

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